Exploring vintage wonders at the Verzamel Jaarbeurs together!

Exploring vintage wonders at the Verzamel Jaarbeurs together!

A warm thank you to everyone who joined me on a journey through the captivating world we created in our stand at the Verzamel Jaarbeurs.

Stepping into our space, surrounded by genuine vintage posters, ceramics, small collectibles, and an eclectic array of furniture was like travelling back in time. My love for vintage lamps took center stage in our presentation. The dynamic mix of styles, eras, and origins was a highlight, showcasing the rich diversity within the vintage world. Collaborating with Oblomov Art allowed us to offer more than just a stand; it was a destination — a unique blend of cultures and styles that defined our exhibit and left visitors in awe.

The Verzamel Jaarbeurs transformed into a melting pot of creativity and nostalgia, drawing collectors and admirers into our curated ambiance. For those who missed this vintage extravaganza, worry not! Stay tuned for more adventures and discoveries at future events. Thank you to everyone who explored our treasures and shared in the joy of uncovering the beauties of our wonderful items.

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Kingsman Vintage Design, Breda, The Netherlands

Get to know Kingsman Vintage Design

In 2020 Niels Verberne started selling Alessi design items via Catawiki. Within six months time he was asked to put together monthly single-seller auctions, which he did. Niels soon became interested in lighting and other 20th century design. All this happened while he worked as a chef, but his passion for design won and ran its course. And in January 2021, Kingsman Vintage Design was born!

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